How Teams Build Cloud Software

Build cloud applications and infrastructure in your favorite language. No more YAML, templates, or vendor lock-in.

Real code. Use languages and frameworks you know and love, and apply engineering best practices to your cloud software.

Collaborate. Share and reuse true cloud components, engaging with a growing package ecosystem and community.

Run anywhere. Deploy to your cloud of choice using team workflows, and more easily navigate the transition to multi-cloud.

Welcome to the future of the cloud.

 1 // Create a native AWS DynamoDB table.
 2 let db = new aws.dynamodb.Table("customers");
 4 // Create a load-balanced Redis container. Run in
 5 // AWS, Azure, GCP, or Kubernetes hosted anywhere.
 6 let cache = new cloud.Service({
 7     replicas: 4,
 8     image: "redis:alpine",
 9 });
11 // Create an API Gateway using serverless functions.
12 let api = new cloud.API();
13 api.get("/{id}", (req, res) => {
14      res.json(cache.get(req.id) || db.get(req.id));
15 });
17 // Publish the API and export its HTTPS URL.
18 export let url = api.publish();